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Jay Fleming story about blue catfish in National Fisherman


Will Commercial Fishing Control Invasive Species?

Dr. Joseph Love is a fish biologist with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. He is the manager for the Tidal Bass Program as well as a fishery representative for the Invasive Species Matrix Team. He has been with the Department since 2009. Before that, he spent several years working in Maryland's coastal bays and the Atlantic Ocean with the NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center at University of Maryland Eastern Shore. He earned his Ph.D. from Mississippi State University where he researched how habitat loss affected freshwater fishes in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas.


The Ultimate Goal is Perfection!

Blog post by ProFish Vice President Tim Lydon Born September 23, 1965 University Of Maryland, Finance 1988 Began operating company after becoming partner in August 1990 Married, Susan. Three Children, Shannon, Megan, Griffin

May Specials

Specials to make your May profitable!!!

These deals are for the entire month of May. Just a small thank you to our loyal customers! Locally smoked fish, scallops from the north, sustainable Peruvian cobia, high quality bacon, all forms of shrimp, to everyone loves lobster!

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John Odenkirk – Virginia Fish and Wildlife

Born and raised in NOVA. Attended VA Tech (BS Forestry and Wildlife ’85) and TN Tech (MS Fisheries Biology ’87). Worked with USFWS in FL for 3 years out of grad school. Returned to VA in 1989 to take District Biologist position where still work out of NOVA Office in Fredericksburg. Snakeheads fell in my lap in 2004, and been studying ever since.

Chef Spike Mendelsohn as seen on Food Network's, Next Iron Chef Season 5

Chef Spike Mendelsohn to chair the District’s new Food Policy Council

The Washington Post Food - Chef Spike Mendelsohn to chair the District’s new Food Policy Council ...The goal is to bring together various groups already working on food issues, Mendelsohn said. Topics will include local food business; access to food and nutrition education; and urban agriculture and food-system education.

Winter conditions

Severe winter weather effects shellfish availability and pricing!

The winter weather has hit the eastern seaboard hard the past few weeks. Shellfish production has halted in many areas. We are doing our very best to fulfill every request so substitutions of oysters might be necessary tomorrow and over the weekend. Local and east coast oysters could very well be replaced by west coast varieties. Topneck clams are non-existent and littleneck clams are very tight.


ProFish is trending, due to NPR radio & article!

ProFish is a big seafood distributor in Washington, D.C., in a compound of brick warehouses tourists rarely see. Inside, in a maze of high-ceilinged rooms, workers in waterproof overalls filet fish on cutting tables and hose down cement floors. Giant refrigeration units keep the place numbingly cold.


Chesapeake Crabbers – The next generation by Jay Fleming National Fisherman

In recent years the increased value in real estate around Annapolis, Md., has greatly diminished the city’s working waterfronts and replaced workboats with pleasure yachts. A small wharf home to a few workboats nestled in between million-dollar properties is one of a few working waterfronts left in town.


2014 A Year In Review-Video

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that had a hand in making this such an amazing year! Looking forward to the great things to come in 2015