Bluefish Portions

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Scientific Name: Pomatomus saltatrix

Country of Origin: US

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Bluefish has a strong fish flavor and oily content, making it a great frying fish! The meat color ranges from light tan to a blueish brown, with occasional bones.

Bluefish are found in tropical and subtropical waters throughout the world. In the U.S. most bluefish are harvested in the mid-Atlantic, between North Carolina and Massachusetts.

The U.S. Atlantic bluefish population is healthy and well managed. Though previously depleted, harvest regulations have rebuilt the bluefish population to a sustainable size. Bluefish are harvested with gillnets, a gear that typically has high levels of bycatch. But because of bluefish's tendency to migrate in schools, bycatch in this fishery is lower.

Square in shape, the tail and collar are trimmed away for perfect plate appearance.

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