Ocean Perch Frozen Fillet

Product #: 11002FR

Scientific Name: Sebastes mentella; Sebastes fasciatus; Sebastes marinus

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Ocean perch, also known as redfish or rosefish, is actually in the rockfish family (as in Pacific rockfish, not striped bass/rockfish and not the redfish/red drum from southern waters either). Like other rockfish, they are mild, white and flaky.

These deepwater fish are found on both sides of the Atlantic and are harvested by many northern nations. The majority of the U.S. supply is from the U.S. and Canada.

Ocean perch are slow growing, late maturing and long lived, making them not resilient to fishing pressure. Overfishing in early years led to harvest regulations and all stocks are now in good condition or showing signs of recovery. Ocean perch are harvested with bottom trawls during the day and midwater trawls at night, as ocean perch have a tendency to rise off the bottom at night. Trawl nets do tend to catch substantial amounts of bycatch and can damage the seafloor. Fortunately ocean perch travel in schools, which should lessen the amount of bycatch, and can be targeted at night with mid-water gear that should not come in contact with the seafloor.

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