Silver Hake Whole

Product #: 11006W

Scientific Name: Gadus morhua

Country of Origin: NO


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A white fish with soft flesh and a slightly flaky texture, silver hake is high in the heart healthy omega-3s. It is also known as frostfish, ocean whitefish, merlu and whiting.

Various species of hake are found through the world. In the U.S. Atlantic, hake is harvested of the coast of New England.

Hake are harvested with trawl nets, which often have large amounts of bycatch, but hake tend to gather in groups, decreasing the likelihood of catching other species. Unfortunately, many juvenile hake are caught and discarded. Because hake are relatively quick growing and resilient to fishing pressure, the population is not overfished (though it is at low levels) and not experiencing overfishing.

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