Snakehead (Channa) Fillet

Product #: 11008F

Scientific Name: Channa argus

Country of Origin: US



Fantastic white and flaky meat, always fresh when available!! Virginia State law does not allow the commercial sale of this fish.

Snakehead are native to Africa and Asia. Introduced to the Potomac River in 2004, snakehead quickly became established in the upper reaches of the watershed and continue to expand their range.

A local invasive species native to Africa and Asia, this fish has no natural predators – except for humans – and the population has multiplied exponentially. It has modified lungs and can breath air and survive on land for up to four days. They are also capable of traveling up to 1/4 mile on land by wriggling their body and fins. Hopefully our commercial fishing efforts will help reduce and control their population!

Fillets range from 4 to 8 pounds - this fish grows rapidly and has a firm, flaky texture.

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