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With its large flake and delicate flavor, cod can be prepared in a wide variety of ways including grilling, baking and broiling.

Cod are found throughout the northern Atlantic Ocean, from North America to Europe.

The cod population in Iceland is increasing and harvest is limited to a sustainable level. This fishery is certified by Global Trust to be sustainably managed, and it carries the Iceland Responsible Fisheries label. Icelandic fishermen catch cod with a variety of fishing gear, primarily with trawl, bottom longline and gillnet. All of these gears, especially trawls, can have large amounts of bycatch, thus fishermen are required to retain everything they catch. Still, some discarding is suspected to occur. Areas closures are used to protect habitat, spawning fish and juvenile fish. Lesser amounts are caught with hook and line, but are a more sustainable alternative because there is less bycatch and bottom damage.

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