Trout Ruby Red Tail on

Product #: 11016

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus mykiss

Country of Origin: Colombia

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Catch Info:

  • Mehtod:
  • Gear:
    Outdoor flowthrough tanks
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Bright red, rich in flavor, and a real eye catcher. Try it lightly fried with some greens - delicious!

Idaho produces 75% of the farmed trout in the U.S., distantly followed by North Carolina (7%).

This rainbow trout is farmed in Idaho, where trout are raised in water from naturally occurring springs. The production systems used, raceways, are rectangular tanks with water flowing through them to mimic a stream. Escapes from such a system are unlikely and wastewater is treated and tested before being released. Trout are carnivorous and do require some protein in their diet though it is generally derived from a combination of fishmeal and agricultural proteins, reducing the requirement for wild harvested fish to feed farmed fish.

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