Unagi Kabayaki 2/11 lb

Product #: 11022S

Scientific Name: Scophthalmus Maximus

Country of Origin: Spain


Catch Info:

SeaWatch Catch Methods details visible here


Eel meat is firm with a high fat content that absorbs smoke flavor well. Try smoked mackerel or bluefish for a more sustainable, and domestic, alternative.

Most unagi (eel) are farm-raised in southeast Asia.

Farm-raised eel are not currently sustainable. The eels raised to maturity on farms are usually captured a young age from wild populations that are severely depleted. Eels are fed a diet containing a very high percentage of fishmeal (65-70%) which places pressure on wild stocks of fish harvested to produce fishmeal. Eels are susceptible to a number of diseases in captivity and must be treated with drugs to maintain health. Eels are often raised in net pens and ponds where waste is not treated before being released into nearby bodies of water, causing environmental pollution.

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