Anchovies, Fresh

Product #: 11028

Scientific Name: Engraulis encrasicolus

Country of Origin: Greece

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These white fresh anchovies come from Turkey. Not cured, these anchovies have a less oily flavor profile.

Anchovies are harvested in the more moderate temperature waters around the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

There are multiple populations of anchovy in the Mediterranean Sea and most of them have very low abundances; harvests need to be reduced. In addition, a substantial portion of the harvest is immature fish. Populations in the Black Sea are also depleted, but more so due to competition with non-native, invasive comb jellyfish. Anchovy are quick to mature and are generally resilient and should rebound to healthy levels if fishing pressure is reduced and invasive jellyfish populations controlled. Anchovies are harvested by trawl (typically mid-water, though sometimes bottom) and purse seines. Mid-water trawls and purse seines should have little if any impact on sea floor habitats, though bottom trawls have a far greater impact. Anchovies tend to aggregate in schools, thus bycatch should be low in purse seine nets but could be much higher in trawl nets.

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