Flounder Fillet IQF 8oz Frozen

Product #: 11030IQF

Scientific Name: Paralichthys Dentatus

Country of Origin: China


Catch Info:

  • Mehtod:
  • Gear:
    Stationary uncovered pound nets
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Flounder is a great fillet with a tender flaky texture. This flounder is processed in China, therefore is labeled as a product of China. But a great deal of Alaskan-caught flatfish, especially yellowfin sole (a large and healthy population) is sent to China for processing then is re-imported to the U.S. as generic frozen flounder.

Various species of flounder are caught throughout the Pacific Ocean, but a large portion of the supply of Pacific flounder in the U.S. are caught in Alaska.

Some of the Alaskan fisheries for flounder and sole are certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council. Most flatfish are caught with bottom trawls over sandy and muddy seafloors. These habitats are more resilient to disturbance than most others, though there are areas where no trawling is allowed to protect vulnerable habitats. Trawls are indiscriminate and catch a variety of species. Some non-target species are retained as incidental catch and some are discarded as bycatch. Regulations are in place to minimize bycatch as much as possible.

This frozen flounder comes in a shatter pack with easy access for large volume cooking.

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