Tilefish Grey Fillet

Product #: 11042F

Scientific Name: Caulolatilus microps

Country of Origin: United States

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Grey tilefish, also known as blueline tilefish, are harvested in local waters. Tilefish are a clean white, flaky fish with a distinctly sweet flavor. Grey tilefish are less commonly harvested than their cousin, the golden tilefish.

Grey tilefish are found from Virginia to the Campeche Banks of Mexico. In the U.S. most grey tilefish is harvested in North Carolina, followed by the Gulf coast of Florida.

Very little is known about the status of the grey tilefish population in the Atlantic. Because it has not been a primary target of the fishery, scientists have focused on other more commonly harvested species. A stock assessment is scheduled for 2013. Even though little is known, the government has established a precautionary annual catch limit (quota) to prevent overharvest. Most tilefish are harvested with bottom longline, which have a minimal impact on the muddy bottoms tilefish inhabit. In addition, there are extremely low levels of bycatch when targeting tilefish.

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