Swai Fillet Frozen 7/9 oz

Product #: 11048

Scientific Name: Pangasius hypophthalmus

Country of Origin: Vietnam

$2.89 /LB (minimum: 1 CS)


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Swai is a Vietnamese type of catfish in the Pangasius family, related to basa. The meat is white and delicate, with characteristics in between domestic catfish and grouper.

Most swai is raised in Vietnam within its native range.

Juveniles are raised in hatcheries, instead of caught in the wild, and are then transferred to ponds or net pens in rivers. Swai are omnivorous and do not require high amounts of fish protein and oil their diets. They are also hardy and adapt well to farming conditions, though some diseases are becoming problematic in Vietnam. Water pollution is the biggest environmental issue. The increased nutrient load in wastewater from fish cages and ponds can lead to low levels of oxygen in the surrounding area, levels that cannot be tolerated by many aquatic animals. The Vietnamese government recognizes the importance of the international seafood market and the current demand for sustainable seafood, and is working to enhance the sustainability of pangasius aquaculture.

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