Barramundi Fillet

Product #: 11057F

Scientific Name: Lates calcarifer

Country of Origin: United States

$15.30 /LB (minimum: 1 LB)


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    Outdoor recirculating tanks
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Barramundi is often described as similar to sea bass or rockfish (striped bass) and can be served whole or filleted.

Barramundi is a large, perch-like fish native to the Indo-West Pacific Ocean. It is harvested commercially and raised on farms in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and the U.S.

Barramundi are well suited to aquaculture. They are hardy and have wide physiological tolerances, can be cultured in fresh or saltwater, and grow rapidly, reaching harvestable size in six months to two years. The majority of farmed barramundi production occurs in Southeast Asia in floating cages. In Australia and the U.S. closed recirculating systems are used – a much more sustainable production method. Barramundi are highly efficient at converting food to body mass and can subsist on a primarily vegetarian diet (grains) yet still produce flesh with a high level of omega-3 fatty acids. Hormones, antibiotic or colorants are usually not used. Sustainability varies between countries; U.S. product is the most sustainable, followed by imports produced in closed recirculating systems, then imports produced in open sea cages.

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