Cuttlefish Sepia

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Scientific Name: Octopus v. Eledone c./m./d.

Country of Origin: India


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Cuttlefish is a mollusk, related to squid and octopus. It is sweet with a tender texture more like fish. Treat it like squid and do not overcook it. Uncleaned cuttlefish have a thin, purplish membrane that should be removed.

Tropical and temperate waters in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

There are multiple species of cuttlefish harvested throughout the world. A larger species, caught in the eastern Atlantic from France to west Africa, is known as sepia (also the name of the brown pigment made from cuttlefish ink). Cuttlefish have short lifespans and produce many offspring, making them generally resilient to fishing pressure. Management and sustainability vary from country to country. Cuttlefish are often caught with trawl nets, which can have severe impacts on ecosystems via bottom damage and bycatch, but are also caught in traps and nets, which have far fewer impacts than trawls.


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