Mullet Red

Product #: 11066W

Scientific Name: Scophthalmus Maximus

Country of Origin: Spain

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Red mullet, often referred to as rouget in French cuisine, is actually not a true mullet - it is in the goatfish family. It is small with many bones, but possesses a sweet, rich and intense flavor and a fine, moist texture.

Red mullet is caught throughout eastern Atlantic Ocean (throughout Europe and the northwest coast of Africa) and Mediterranean.

Red mullet is fished heavily and over-exploited in some areas while stable in others. Management efforts differ by region, but more strict management and better enforcement are generally needed. Fortunately, red mullet are fairly fast growing and resilient to fishing pressure thus should be able to rebuild quickly. Red mullet are typically caught with trawls, which can have substantial impacts on the sea floor and large amounts of bycatch. Secondary gears include seines and gillnets, which can also have high levels of bycatch but generally little to no impact on the sea floor.

1 to 4 pounds.

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