Pollock Fillet

Product #: 11071F

Scientific Name: Gadus morhua

Country of Origin: Norway

$9.95 /LB (minimum: 1 LB)


Catch Info:

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New England caught, often called Boston Blue Cod, this fish is an exceptional bargain for the quality and plate coverage you can get. It is a member of the cod family and the flavor profile stands up to almost any sauce. Do not confuse this with pollock from Alaska, they are two very different fish. Atlantic pollock has a delicate and flaky texture but a higher oil content and stronger flavor than Alaskan pollock.

Throughout the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Atlantic pollock stocks were depleted but are no rebuilt and it is currently harvested at a sustainable rate. Pollock grows quickly and matures at young age making it resilient to fishing pressure. Pollock are caught with bottom trawl and bottom gillnets, both of which can have substantial problems with bycatch and habitat damage.

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