Wolffish Flt, Grey S/B Wild Iceland

Product #: 11077F

Scientific Name: Anarhichas lupus

Country of Origin: Norway

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Though not a true catfish, the Atlantic wolffish is sometimes called ocean catfish. It earned the name wolffish for the sharp teeth protruding from the front of its mouth, used to eat crustaceans and mollusks. Wolffish is flaky like cod with lean and firm meat, a mild flavor and edible skin.

Wolffish is found throughout New England and Canada, across the Atlantic and throughout the cold, northern waters of Europe.

Wolffish is only targeted in Iceland, where it is caught by trawl and longline. Elsewhere it is caught primarily as bycatch in trawl fisheries targeting cod and haddock. Wolffish prefers to shelter in rocky areas, which have been substantially damaged by trawl fisheries. Little is known about the stock status in Europe and there are no management regulations. Incidental trawl landings have declined a great deal over the last century, suggesting a decline in the population size. Iceland's fishery is managed but the stock is overfished. The U.S. population is overfished but under a rebuilding plan and retention is prohibited. In Canada is it is classified as a Species at Risk and live release is encouraged.

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