Dorade Fillet

Product #: 11098F

Scientific Name: Scophthalmus Maximus

Country of Origin: Spain

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Catch Info:

  • Method:
    Cages/ Net Pens
  • Gear:
    Marine net pens
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Dorade, a member of the seabream and porgy family, is a very old European specialty. Dorade is actually the French name for this fish. It is a firm, white fish, related to sheepshead, that is highly versatile. It can be prepared in many ways, from a whole plate presentation to a bouillabaisse.

Dorade are common throughout Mediterranean and can also be found in eastern Atlantic from the United Kingdom to Senegal.

Though there are still small wild fisheries, most commercially available dorade are farmed in Greece in open water net pens and cages. Dorade are very resilient and adapt well to intensive rearing conditions. Though they do need fish protein and oils in their diet for proper nutrition, they are fairly efficient at converting feed to body mass. They are vulnerable to disease and may be treated with antibiotics or pesticides, depending on the rules and regulations of the country in which they are farmed. Overall, the sustainability varies depending upon the specific practices of each farm.

Small fillets.

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