Pike Yellow Fillet

Product #: 11212F

Scientific Name: Sander vitreus

Country of Origin: Canada

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Yellow pike is another name for walleye, a member of the perch family, which is often recognized as the tastiest freshwater fish. Yellow pike is only commercially available from the Canada because commercial harvest is prohibited in the U.S. to protect recreational fisheries. It provides thick filets with few bones, which are delicate, moist and mild.

Yellow pike is found in freshwater lakes throughout Canada and the United States.

Most commercially harvested yellow pike comes from Lake Erie. This population is recovering from a depleted state caused by overfishing, habitat damage (including pollution) and introduced (non-native) predators and competitors. Fortunately, yellow pike grow quickly and reach maturity at a young age, making them very resilient. Yellow pike are harvested with gillnets, which have little impact on habitats but can have substantial bycatch of non-target species.

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