Swordfish Steaks Frozen 8 oz

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Scientific Name: Xiphias gladius

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Swordfish is a moist but meaty fish with a mild flavor and moderately high oil content. The flesh color of fresh swordfish can vary, but all colors turn light beige when cooked. Because of the meaty texture, swordfish is great for marinating and grilling. Swordfish may contain high levels of mercury, and is one of the few fish that should be avoided by vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children.

There is just one species of swordfish and it is found in sub-tropical, temperate and sometimes cold water around the world. They are a highly migratory species that will travel great distances across oceans.

Most swordfish populations around the world are healthy because swordfish grow fast and reproduce at a relatively young age, making them fairly resilient to fishing pressure. Historically, some populations have been overfished but there is now more focus worldwide on managing fisheries for sustainable harvests. The primary gear used to harvest swordfish is the longline, a method by which multiple hooks are hung from a horizontal line stretching along many miles and left to fish over a period of hours. This type of gear can have substantial amounts of bycatch of non-target species such as other billfish, tuna, mahi mahi, sharks, and sea turtles. Few countries have implemented regulations to reduce this bycatch and protect these important components of oceanic ecosystems. The U.S. and Canada have implemented a number of conservation regulations for longline fisheries, thus chefs concerned with sustainability should try to source swordfish from these countries.

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