Tuna Albacore, Whole

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Scientific Name: Thunnus alalunga

Country of Origin: United States

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Albacore tuna usually has beige to brown flesh that turns off white when cooked. This is the only tuna that can be labeled white meat tuna. Albacore has a mild taste, with a firm and steak like texture when cooked. It is less firm than other tunas, making it less appropriate for sashimi. The meat is moist and fatty, with the highest omega 3s of any tuna. It is great for grilling, but cooks quickly. It is best served rare.

Albacore tuna is a highly migratory fish found in tropical to temperate oceans all over the world.

The vast majority of albacore tuna caught in the U.S. are harvested in the Pacific Ocean, most along the west coast with some from Hawaii. The Pacific albacore population appears to be healthy and stable at the current rate of fishing. In addition, albacore have a very high reproductive capacity and are very resilient to fishing pressure. Because albacore are a highly migratory species, the U.S. monitors and manages the population in cooperation with an international agency called the Inter American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC). The IATTC assesses the population as a whole and makes recommendations on harvest levels to member countries, which are each responsible for implementing regulations. The vast majority of U.S. albacore are caught with trolls and handlines, which have no impact on seafloor habitat and very little bycatch. Some albacore are caught with longlines, which can have high levels of bycatch, but many regulations have been implemented in the U.S. to minimize this bycatch.

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