Sturgeon Whole

Product #: 11241W

Scientific Name: Acipenser transmontanus

Country of Origin: Canada

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    Outdoor recirculating tanks
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White sturgeon is firm and meaty, but with a mild and delicate flavor. Farmed sturgeon has a less distinctive flavor than wild sturgeon. The meat is pink when raw, then turns an opaque white when cooked. The skin is tough and inedible, and should be removed before cooking.

White sturgeon are native to the western seaboard of the United States and Canada.

Michael and Vandy Passmore founded Passmore Ranch in 2005 in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains in California where they sustainably raise a variety fish including white sturgeon. Passmore Ranch concentrates on smaller, but higher quality production. Their fish are fed an ultra high quality, all-natural diet that is certified to be free of any trace chemicals. They use no chemicals such as antibiotics or pesticides on their farm, and use natural methods of algae control such as rotating carp through their ponds to eat the algae. The water for the farm comes from a deep well beneath the property and there is zero discharge from the ponds. Combining high quality feed, pristine waters, and the attention to rearing their fish, results in an exceptional fish. Live fish are processed and then immediately shipped to their destination often resulting in a fish that was swimming less than 24 hours ago! Wild sturgeon populations are extremely depleted, making farmed sturgeon a far more sustainable option.

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