Trout, Loch Etive S&G

Product #: 11302SG

Scientific Name: Acipenser transmontanus

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

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Steelhead is actually a seagoing strain of rainbow trout. It is considered to be superior in quality to the Atlantic salmon.

This trout is farmed throughout the world including Chile, Canada, Norway, and Ireland. In the wild, they are native to the eastern Pacific along the coast of North America.

This steelhead is raised in Clew Bay on the west coast of Ireland as part of a larger fish farming cooperative. Clew Bay has robust tides that flush away excess nutrients and ensure clean and healthy water. A nearby mussel farm helps to clean the water before it is flushed away and regular fallowing and site rotation minimize impacts on the surrounding ecosystem. These robust tides also lead to strong fish with well formed bodies similar to a wild steelhead. No chemicals are used and the feed is based on marine fishmeal and oil from sustainably managed fisheries or trimmings from processing of fish caught for human consumption. This product is certified organic by a couple of European organizations and is brought to us by CleanFish.

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