Herring Salt Fillets

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Scientific Name: Clupea harengus

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A delicacy of the Mediterranean, this small fish packs a lot of flavor and is high in vitamins and healthy fats!

Sardines are harvested in the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. The majority of U.S. caught sardines are not used for human consumption.

Sardines are fast growing and reproduce rapidly, making them resilient to fishing pressure. Good fishery management in the U.S., along with advantageous environmental conditions, has allowed the population to recover from previously depleted levels. In the Mediterranean and European, where managers often disregard the advice of scientists, poor fishery management is driving the population to very low levels. Sardines are usually harvested with purse seines and midwater trawls, which have little impact on the seafloor. Bycatch is less than typical for these gears because nets are set around schools of sardines and sometimes lights are used to attract sardines.

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