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Squid are actually mollusks, they have a shell inside their body. Much of the squid may be eaten, including the tentacles, tubes, wings and ink. Squid produce a blue-black ink which can be used to color and flavor food. The ink is extracted when the squid is cleaned.

Squid are found worldwide.

Different species of squid are harvested around the world. In general, squid have a short lifespan (1 to 2 years) and a high reproductive capacity making them very resilient to fishing pressure. Changes in environmental conditions such as currents and water temperatures can have a substantial impact on the size of squid populations. Most squid populations are fully exploited, and even without rigorous management regulations are most likely moderately sustainable. Squid can be targeted with jigs (baited hooks that are moved vertically through the water), mid-water trawls or purse seines. These gears typically do not interact with the seafloor and bycatch is generally limited because squid swim in schools and many boats use lights to attract squid to their vessels at night.

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