Croakers, Whle Frozen H&G

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Scientific Name: Homarus americanus

Country of Origin: BR


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Croaker are a member of the drum family. These fish are caught locally in the Chesapeake Bay and are well known regionally. It is a great white, flaky fish with lots of potential. We look for its popularity to grow in the upcoming years as more and more chefs practice local buying habits.

Atlantic croaker are found in coastal waters from the Gulf of Maine to Argentina.

Atlantic croaker populations appear to be healthy. There are currently no nationwide management measures, but there are triggers set by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to respond to changes in the population or fishery. Croaker mature quickly, making them resilient to fishing pressure. Most croaker are caught with gillnets, pound nets and haul seines, which have minimal impacts on habitat. Bottom trawls are also used, but croaker live over sandy bottoms, which are less vulnerable to trawl impacts. There is little information on bycatch in croaker fisheries, but it can be assumed to be moderate based on the gear types.

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