Shrimp PUDS 60/70 Laughing Bird

Product #: 22100M

Scientific Name: Litopenaeus setiferus/Farantepenaeus aztecus

Country of Origin: US

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Laughing Bird Shrimp is a combination of farmed and wild Pacific white shrimp. They are sweet with a firm texture and clean taste.

Laughing Bird Shrimp are sourced only from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Laughing Bird Shrimp is a CleanFish product sourced from Costa Rica. The wild shrimp are caught only with cast nets from small boats. The farmed shrimp are sourced from a consortium of 15 sustainable farms on Pacific coast. No hormones, pesticides, antiobiotics, or preservatives are ever used. Costa Rica has strict environmental regulations for aquaculture and mangrove forests (valuable coastal habitats) are protected.

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