Shrimp Maine Pink 60/70

Product #: 22170MS

Scientific Name: Pandalus borealis

Country of Origin: United States

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Maine pink shrimp, or northern shrimp, are a small cold water shrimp. Their average size is 40-55 count per pound so they are often called salad shrimp. Northern shrimp are more sweet and flavorful than warm water shrimp.

Northern pink shrimp are found in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, North Pacific, and Arctic Oceans. In U.S. Atlantic they are primarily harvested in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Northern pink shrimp have relatively short lives and fast reproduction, thus the population can fluctuate dramatically from year to year. Scientists monitor and assess the population on an annual basis and adjust annual catch limits accordingly. In the last few years a combination of excessive harvest and unfavorable environmental conditions reduced the population to low levels and now catches must be reduced to rebuild the population to the target size. Northern pink shrimp are caught by trawl nets over soft mud bottoms, which are more resilient to the impacts of trawling than rock or coral. Northern shrimp trawls must have a finfish excluder device to allow groundfish to escape and minimum mesh sizes to allow undersized shrimp out of the net.

This is a head on shrimp, 60 to 70 pieces per pound.

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