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Squid Steaks IQF 4-6 OZ

Product #: 22210S

Scientific Name: Dosidicus Gigas

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$6.89 /LB (minimum: 1 LB)


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Squid are actually mollusks, they have a shell inside their body. Much of the squid may be eaten, including the tentacles, tubes and wings. Their meat is mild and a little sweet. Squid is firm when raw and cooked. Overcooked squid will become very tough, but will tenderize again after at least 30 minutes of cooking.

Argentine shortfin squid are native to the western South Atlantic Ocean.

This squid is harvested from the Atlantic waters off the coast of Argentina. Squid have a short lifespan (1 to 2 years) and a high reproductive capacity making them very resilient to fishing pressure. Changes in environmental conditions such as currents and water temperatures can have a substantial impact on the size of squid populations. The population appears to be fully exploited and basic fishery management is conducted by Argentina and the Falkland Islands. Argentine squid are targeted with jigs, or baited hooks that are moved vertically through the water. Jigging vessels often use lights at night to attract squid to the boats. Occasionally fish and other species of squid are caught as bycatch. Mid-water trawls are also used, which typically do not interact with the seafloor but can have greater amounts of bycatch.

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