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Squid Tubes Frz Town Dock

Product #: 22215

Scientific Name: Leucoraja ocellata

Country of Origin: United States

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Squid are actually mollusks, they have a shell inside their body. Much of the squid may be eaten, including the tentacles, tubes and wings. Their meat is mild and a little sweet. Squid is firm when raw and cooked. Overcooked squid will become very tough, but will tenderize again after at least 30 minutes of cooking.

Longfin squid are found from Newfoundland, Canada to the Gulf of Venezuela, but are most common between Georges Bank and Cape Hatteras.

The longfin squid fishery in the north and mid Atlantic is well monitored and regulated. Seasonal adjustments to catch limits are made in a timely manner to reflect the population size, which fluctuates with oceanographic conditions. Squid are harvested with a bottom trawl, which can be harmful to the sea bottom, but the trawl used in the squid fishery is light weight. In addition, squid live over muddy and sandy bottom that is least vulnerable to the effects of trawling. Bycatch is also a concern, but is being addressed with research and closed areas.


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