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Surimi seafood is merely the pure protein of whitefish, like pollock or hake (whiting), which is mixed with other ingredients and flavoring to simulate various types of shellfish. Surimi should be pleasantly firm and flavored very much like the product it is mimicking.

Half of the surimi made worldwide is made from Alaska pollock.

Surimi made from Alaska pollock is very sustainable. Alaskan pollock is fast growing and reaches maturity at a young age, making it resilient to fishing pressure. Pollock stocks in Alaskan waters are certified as sustainable and well managed by the Marine Stewardship Council. They are harvested with mid-water trawl nets, which are designed to have less interaction with the seafloor than bottom trawls. Bycatch is low because pollock swim in schools. One bycatch concern is salmon, though the relative amount of salmon caught is low compared to the harvest of pollock, thus fishermen and managers are trying to reduce this bycatch.

This surimi is made from Alaska whitefish.

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