Langostino Meat Frozen

Product #: 32107M

Scientific Name: Munida gregaria

Country of Origin: New Zealand

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The crustaceans are in the squat lobster family, but are actually more closely related to crabs than true lobsters. Langastino resemble a short crawfish with very long front pincers. The meat looks and feels like cooked shrimp, but has a sweet flavor more like lobster or crab. Langastino is Spanish for "prawn".

Langastino are found around the world. The three main commercially harvested species are found in the Pacific Ocean, primarily off the coasts of Chile and El Salvador. One species is harvested in New Zealand and Australia.

Most langostino are harvested in South and Central America, but little information is available about the health of these fisheries. In Chile, the government requires fishing licenses for the langostino fishery and allocates quotas to license holders. Langastino are caught by trawlers but are known to inhabit coral reefs and rocky areas, which could be severely damaged by trawling. Bycatch is also likely to be high in trawl fisheries unless rigorously managed.

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