Cockles Fresh

Product #: 33004

Scientific Name: Mercenaria mercenaria

Country of Origin: NZ



Cockles are small bivalves similar to clams. Once used primarily as bait, cockles have found increasing favor in recent years. Cockles range in flavor from sweet to salty, depending on species.

Various species of cockles are found all over the world.

Cockles are harvested from the wild and raised on farms. Cockle fisheries have not been a primary focus of management and sustainability is largely unknown. New Zealand and Australia, two of the worlds’ primary sources of cockles, have been controlling harvest and prohibiting ecosystem damaging gear. Cockles are being farmed to meet increasing demand. As with most bivalve mollusks, farmed products are generally a sustainable option. In the U.S. cockles are harvested from the shore and in small farms throughout New England.

Approximately 100 pieces to the 10 pound bag.

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