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Scientific Name: Mytilus edulis

Country of Origin: United States


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The surf clam is the largest clam species in northwest Atlantic. Because of their large size and coarse texture they are typically processed into chopped clams, chowders and breaded clam strips. The meat is mild and sweet.

Surf clams are found off the east coast of Canada and the U.S., as far south as North Carolina. They are found from the shore to as deep as 160 feet.

The Atlantic surf clam population is healthy and well managed. This was the first U.S. fishery managed under an individual transferable quota, or catch share, system. Fishermen are allocated a percentage of the annual harvest and are allowed fish it whenever is best for them. If they choose not to fish for their percentage of the quota they may lease or sell the quota to another permitted fisherman. Surf clams are harvested offshore with hydraulic dredges, where water is injected into the sand allowing a rake to be dragged through, removing the clams. This method is very invasive. Fortunately surf clams live in sandy and turbulent habitat, which is resilient and thought to recover quickly after dredging.

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