Oysters Kumamoto (Orig - Japan) 120ct

Product #: 33060K

Scientific Name: Crassostrea gigas

Country of Origin: US



Harvested in the coves and bays along the west coast, Pacific oysters will take on the characteristics of the waters from which they are harvested. Pacific oysters tend to be mild, sweet, and slightly salty.

On the west coast of the U.S. Pacific oysters are found from Alaska to California. They can be found cultured and wild in temperate waters all over the world.

The Pacific oyster was introduced from Japan after the population of the west coast's primary native oyster crashed in early 1900s. Wild populations easily established themselves, but became so popular that now west coast oysters are nearly always farmed to keep up with the demand. This species is very easy to propagate and are usually raised in bags or racks or attached to ropes in their natural habitat. Oysters are filter feeders, removing excess nutrients and particulate matter from the water as they feed, actually improving water quality in the surrounding area.

Originally harvested in Japan, this specialty product is a robust flavored oyster in a distinctively shaped shell! Light salinity, sweet buttery body, fruity finish

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