Oysters Sun Hollow (Washington State) 120 ct

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Scientific Name: Crassostrea gigas

Country of Origin: United States

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Catch Info:

  • Mehtod:
    Bottom Culture
  • Gear:
    Bottom culture
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Harvested in the coves and bays along the west coast, Pacific oysters will take on the characteristics of the waters from which they are harvested. Pacific oysters tend to be mild, sweet, and slightly salty.

On the west coast of the U.S. Pacific oysters are found from Alaska to California. They can be found cultured and wild in temperate waters all over the world.

The Pacific oyster was introduced from Japan after the population of the west coast's primary native oyster crashed in early 1900s. Wild populations easily established themselves, but became so popular that now west coast oysters are nearly always farmed to keep up with the demand. This species is very easy to propagate and are usually raised in bags or racks or attached to ropes in their natural habitat. Oysters are filter feeders, removing excess nutrients and particulate matter from the water as they feed, actually improving water quality in the surrounding area.

Sun Hollow oysters are grown-out and harvested from lower Hood Canal, in Washington State, and stand as a shining example of just how good an oyster from this region can be. The Hood Canal is fed by the Puget Sound, which in turn draws from the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and the Pacific. This is an enormous inlet, and the nutrient rich waters which flood the canal twice daily serve as the cradle of life for virtually every organism in this super-rich and diverse ecosystem. Our Sun Hollow oysters are grown-out and harvested from a lease maintained by Native Americans. These stewards of the lease employ the same time proven methods of sustainable grow-out and harvest that their ancestors have relied upon for eons. The Sun Hollow’s are grown-out at the extreme tidal reaches of the lower Hood Canal, and as such, are always submerged in the phytoplankton rich waters. This constant flow of nourishment makes for a relatively short grow-out period, and exceptionally full meats. Size wise, the Sun Hollows are harvested when they have attained their ideal half-shell size of three and a quarter to four inches in length. As with our other Hood Canal varieties, the exposure to the Sun’s rays helps to thicken the shell of the Sun Hollow, thereby making the oyster resistant to cracking and or splintering during the shucking process.

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