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Scientific Name: Lampris

Country of Origin: United States


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    Miscellaneous Gears
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Sea urchins are usually harvested for their roe, or eggs, which is often used in sushi. It is a rare treat for those who acquire a taste. Uni has a light, sweet, and somewhat briny flavor and is usually enjoyed as nigiri sushi or sashimi.

Uni is generally harvested in California, Maine and Canada (both Atlantic and Pacific).

Sea urchins are fast growing and reproduce at a young age, making them resilient to fishing pressure. Canadian sea urchin populations are moderately healthy while U.S. populations are depleted, some severely. Management regulations are in place in all areas, though with varying degrees of success. Sea urchins are generally hand harvested by divers, thus there is little to no bycatch and damage to habitat. In parts of Maine and Atlantic Canada where currents tides and currents are too strong to allow diving, sea urchins are captured with small, light dredges. Though dredges can have substantially higher levels of bycatch and bottom damage, high energy environments such as these are far less susceptible to damage.

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