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Tails Brazilian 5 oz

Product #: 42547BT

Scientific Name: Panulirus argus

Country of Origin: Brazil

$36.06 /LB (minimum: 1 CS)


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The Caribbean spiny lobster is the most prevalent species of warm water lobster. Their large tails comprise 33% of their body weight and they lack the large front claws of the cold water American lobster. The meat is sweet, mild and firm, even firmer than their cold water cousins. The cooked meat is bright white with red streaks along the margins.

Caribbean spiny lobster is found in the southeastern United States (North Carolina to Texas), throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, and south to Brazil.

Historically, the Brazilian spiny lobster fishery was very unsustainable. The population was severely overfished, there were far too many fishermen, and immature lobsters were regularly harvested and sold. Over the past few years the management has dramatically improved. Management authorities have acknowledged the problems in the fishery (too many fishermen, harvest of immature lobster, lack of enforcement) and have begun to address the issues. Traps, the most common method of spiny lobster harvest, have a minimal effect on the surrounding environment and bycatch is generally low and released alive.

5 ounces each.

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