Lobsters, Spiny

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Scientific Name: Panulirus argus

Country of Origin: United States

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The Caribbean spiny lobster is the most prevalent species of warm water lobster. Their large tails comprise 33% of their body weight and they lack the large front claws of the cold water American lobster. The meat is sweet, mild and firm, even firmer than their cold water cousins. The cooked meat is bright white with red streaks along the margins.

Caribbean spiny lobster is found in the southeastern United States (North Carolina to Texas), throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea, and south to Brazil.

The Caribbean spiny lobster population is one large stock that is impacted by fisheries in multiple nations. Currently, the segment of the stock present in U.S. waters appears to be healthy and is not undergoing overfishing. U.S. regulations protect juveniles, spawning populations and egg bearing females and multiple marine protected areas provide sanctuary for all spiny lobsters within their boundaries. Nicaragua supplies the U.S. market with a substantial amount of spiny lobster as well. Though there are some fishery management regulations in place for the Nicaraguan spiny lobster fishery, these regulations are not well enforced. The stock is exploited to the maximum extent possible and is undergoing overfishing, largely due to the harvest of immature lobsters. This irresponsible harvest may eventually affect the overall population. A more sustainable imported alternative is spiny lobster from the Bahamas. This population is in good condition and management regulations are adequate. Traps, the most common method of spiny lobster harvest, have a minimal effect on the surrounding environment and bycatch is generally low and released alive. Spearfishing is another harvest methods used in some areas.

These are fresh whole Caribbean Spiny Lobsters from Florida. Caught in pots and traps these lobsters are sent fresh on ice usually within 24 hours of being harvested.

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