Crab Dungeness Meat Frozen

Product #: 52538

Scientific Name: Metacarcinus magister

Country of Origin: United States

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Dungeness crabs are caught in the Pacific Ocean, especially Northern California. This high quality crab has a sweet flavor, but little following on the East Coast. The leg meat is firmer than the body meat. It is delicious in many aspects, and the meat makes a great accompaniment to any fish.

Dungeness crabs are most commonly found along the Pacific coasts of the U.S. and Canada, but can be found as far south at Baja California, Mexico.

Dungeness crab population size is very dependent upon environmental conditions, thus management must be responsive to environmental changes and the harvest levels must be altered as the population sizes rises and falls. Dungeness crabs are managed at the state level in the U.S. and most populations are healthy and well managed. In fact, the Marine Stewardship Council has certified the Oregon Dungeness crab fishery to be sustainable. In general, regulations prevent the harvest of females and have established a minimum size limit for males such that they can mate once or twice before being harvested. There are closed seasons during the primary molting season because molting crabs are less likely to survive when caught and released. Dungeness crabs are caught with traps that have little impact on the seafloor and little bycatch.

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