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Scientific Name: Portunus pelagicus

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The Atlantic blue crab is a member of the Portunidae swimming crab family. Its Latin name, Callinectes sapidus, translates to "savory, beautiful swimmer". Blue crabs are named for the bright blue coloring on their legs and the blue tinges to their mostly brown shells. While the legs of males are solely blue, the legs of females have orange tips. Blue crab meat is white, tender and flaky with a rich, sweet and buttery flavor. The claw meat is a bit nutty and has a natural brown tint.

The Atlantic blue crab is native to the western Atlantic Ocean from Nova Scotia to Argentina.

Blue crab are harvested along the eastern coast of Mexico in the Gulf and Caribbean. The majority of the harvest occurs in the two northern states, Tamaulipas and Veracruz, but fisheries are also developing in the southern region. Coastal fishery management occurs at the state level and few regulations are in place. Some states do have minimum size limits, though scientists recommend an increase to better protect immature crabs. A comprehensive management plan has been proposed in Tamaulipas, where fishing effort is very high. The seasonal closures in the shrimp fishery have shifted pressure to the crab fishery and may lead to unsustainable rates of harvest. In Mexico, crabs are caught with traps and ring nets. Bycatch in the traps can be high because escape vents are not used. Ghost fishing by lost traps is also a concern because biodegradable escape panels are not yet used either.

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