Crab Chinese Lump Frozen

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Scientific Name: Portunus pelagicus

Country of Origin: China

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Two main species of swimming crab are harvested in Chinese waters, blue swimming crab (Portunus pelagicus) and red swimming crab (Portunus haanii). The crabs are cousins of the Atlantic blue crab. The blue swimming crab is larger than the red swimming crab, which is similar in size to the Atlantic blue crab. Their flavor is robust but not as sweet as the Atlantic blue crab.

Blue swimming crabs are found throughout the Indian and western Pacific Oceans from the Red Sea to Tahiti. Red swimming crabs are found in the western Pacific, primarily China and Japan.

Little specific information is available on the stock status, fishery management and gear used to harvest crab in China. The Chinese swimming crab fishery was under immense fishing pressure in the 1980s and has experienced some drastic declines in population size and harvest level. Trawl net is the most likely gear used to harvest swimming crab in China. Without rigorous management trawls can be very harmful to the ecosystem by damaging bottom habitat and bycatch.

Picked and canned in China. This meat can be watery and come from hard to trace sources.

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