Scallops 20/30 Breaded

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Country of Origin: China

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Bay scallops are small cousins of sea scallops. They are mild and sweet. We eat the adductor muscle, a very strong muscle that rapidly opens and closes the shell, allowing the scallop to move through the water. Wet scallops have been soaked in a preservative to maintain texture and taste; dry scallops have no preservatives added and must be sold very fresh. Scallops have a sweet and rich taste. The meat is creamy white or pinkish when raw, and cooks to an opaque white.

In China, scallops are farmed in Bohai Bay.

Scallops, like other mollusks, are ideal candidates for aquaculture because of their sedentary lifestyle and filter feeding. Thus, even in a location with little government oversight of aquaculture, farmed scallops are sustainable. Unfortunately, not all species of scallops being farmed in China are native. There is no information about whether the introduction of non native scallops has impacted any native populations. While adult scallops are unlikely to escape from a farm, their offspring could be carried away in the current. Worldwide scallops are farmed using either on bottom culture or off bottom (rope or cage) culture. Off bottom culture is more sustainable because there no need to dredge the seafloor to harvest the scallops. Because scallops are filter feeders they do not require any inputs of feed and excrete very little waste. Chemical use tends to be minimal, with the exception of antifoulants on ropes and nets in some places. Even with the lack of information on specific practices in China, scallop aquaculture is most likely sustainable.

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