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Scientific Name: Placopecten magellanicus

Country of Origin: US


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Bay scallops are small cousins of sea scallops. They are mild and sweet. We eat the adductor muscle, a very strong muscle that rapidly opens and closes the shell, allowing the scallop to move through the water. Wet scallops have been soaked in a preservative to maintain texture and taste; dry scallops have no preservatives added and must be sold very fresh. Scallops have a sweet and rich taste. The meat is creamy white or pinkish when raw, and cooks to an opaque white.

Mexican bay scallops are found along the Pacific coast of North, Central and South America from the Gulf of California to Peru.

Most Mexican bay scallops are harvested in Magdalena Bay, Mexico. The population in Magdalena bay is not overfished and catch rates appear to be stable. The harvest season is from April to mid December. Permits are required and shell size/meat count limits protect juvenile scallops. If the harvest amount drops below a threshold, additional regulations will go into effect. The Bay is divided into areas that are opened and closed to allow juvenile scallops to grow larger before harvest. Mexican bay scallops are caught by commercial divers using hookas (masks with a hose connected to surface air) and are hand collected so little to no bottom damage or bycatch occurs.

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