Scallops Live Bay

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Scientific Name: Argopecten irradians

Country of Origin: United States

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Bay scallops are small cousins of sea scallops. They are mild and sweet. We eat the adductor muscle, a very strong muscle that rapidly opens and closes the shell, allowing the scallop to move through the water. Scallops have a sweet and rich taste. The meat is creamy white or pinkish when raw, and cooks to an opaque white.

Bay scallops are found along the Atlantic coast of Canada and the U.S. and along the coast of western Florida in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

In the U.S., bay scallops are farmed at only one location, in Buzzards Bay off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. These scallops are a native species and seeds are sourced from a hatchery in Maine that also supplies seed for wild population enhancement and replenishment. This operation raises bay scallops in nets suspended in the water column, keeping them clean and free of sand or grit. As with other mollusks, no supplemental food sources are needed (scallops filter plankton out of the surrounding water) and their waste products should have a negligible impact on the surrounding ecosystem. There was no information found on chemical use at this scallop farm, but the likelihood of the need for chemicals is low. Escapes also seem unlikely, except in the case of the offspring of farmed individuals, which will freely float out of the cages into the surrounding environment. These juveniles would enhance the wild population. Scallop aquaculture is regulated by the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture and regulations seem to be thorough and effective.

In the shell; sold by the 100 count bag.

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