Herring, Smoked Fillets

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Scientific Name: Clupea harengus

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A small, oily fish, herring takes well to smoking. Americans are most familiar with herring as canned sardines. Herring are often smoked or pickled, but are also good when fresh.

Atlantic herring are found on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean. A similar species is found in the Pacific Ocean.

Once depleted, Atlantic herring stocks have now recovered to a sustainable size and fisheries are well managed. Herring are a schooling fish that tend to inhabit the middle portion of the water column. They are harvested with purse seines and mid-water trawls that rarely come in contact with the seafloor. Because of their schooling behavior bycatch is low. On occasion, a marine mammal is incidentally captured. Regulations are in place to minimize these interactions as much as possible, making this a rare occurrence.

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