Bacon, Applewood Sliced 2.5# Unit Frozen

Product #: M2229R

Scientific Name: slicuss baconess

Country of Origin: United States

$13.87 /EA (minimum: 1 EA)

EA (2.5 lbs)

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  • Method:
    Miscellaneous Gears
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Zoe Meats was started by two friends who cured their own meats in Sonoma Valley California. Named for one of the founders daughters, Zoe meats has grown customer by customer to over 3500 commercial customers throughout the United states.

Zoe Meats are the finest cured meats the industry has ever seen. The target audience are those discerning chefs who know quality, appreciate craftsmanship and show care for the products they select to appear on their menus.

The company is committed to a mission of supporting local communicates and limiting its environmental footprint. 1% of all sales will be re-invested into public schools. Quotes founder George Gavros - "When you name the company after your youngest daughter, you better build it on values beyond just the quality of your products".

Zoe's sliced bacon in 2.5# units. There are between 8-10 slices per pound.

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