Bycatch Reduction Devices

Bycatch Reduction Devices (BRD) are devices inserted in a fishing gear usually trawl in shrimp fisheries, close to the cod-end, to allow escapement, alive, of unwanted species (including medusae) or individuals (juveniles) or endangered species (e.g. seals, turtles, dolphins).

Backdown Manouvre

Backdown manouvre is the most important, and in a way culminating, stage of the porpoise release operation. Learn more


Cone is not a Bycatch Reduction Device (BRD) but has been designed to increase the efficiency of BRDs to exclude fish from the trawl. Learn more


Fisheye is designed to allow fish to voluntarily swim throuh an escape opening in the codend. Learn more

Medina Panels

Medina panels constructed of fine mesh webbing, Medina panels sewn into the upper part of the purse seine net protected dolphins from becoming tangled. Learn more

Nordmore Grid

Nordmore grid is primarly designed to exclude large animals from prawn trawls. Learn more

Net Drum

Net drum is a wide powered spool (usually hydraulic) on which a trawl or salmon purse seine net is wound when hauling. Learn more

Turtle Excluder Device

Turtle Excluder Device (TED) is a device fitted to a net or modification that allows turtles to escape immediatly after capture in the net. Learn more

Square Mesh Window

Square mesh window allows fish to escape upwards through the large square mesh, while the sgrimps that do not swim as well as fish pass into the codend. Learn more

Radial Escape Section

Radial Escape Section (RES) is primarily designed to allow fish to swim through large square meshes that extend radially around the codend and escape. Learn more

Super Shooter

Super shooter is primarly designed to exclude large animals from prawn trawls. It features an alluminium grid secured to the trawl at 45 degrees from the vertical.