Commercial Fisherman use a variety of gear to harvest the bounties of the sea. In this section we have detail just a few of the many different types of fishing vessels and fishing gear. Many of the vessels and gear you see here are modified slightly for different species, but their use, or method of use is relatively the same throughout species.

Also included in this section are descriptions of some of the new devices and techniques used to prevent bi-catch. Bi catch can be most harmful to species which are not intended in a catch because the two species might swim or migrate together and thus be in the same place as the targeted species. Bi catch methods are commonly used for tuna capture, shrimp harvesting and ground fish harvesting.

This section also shows some of the common safety features which fishing vessels employ. Fishing is one of the world's most dangerous professions and many inventions have helped make fishing a more safety means to earn a living. While still a dangerous profession, the devices listed here are critical for safety in today's fishing world.

So browse through our gossary with links to the UN Fact sheets for all of these methods, vessels and devices and get a feel for the hard work that goes into bringing you safe seafood every day, 365 days a year.

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