In an effort to promote local, Maryland products and the food service establishments that support local industries, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources is excited to announce a new marketing initiative; 'True Blue'.

The True Blue initiative aims to recognize those food service establishments that use Maryland crab products and in the process, let consumers know that what they are purchasing is truly a local product, one of superior taste and quality.

In order to be True Blue certified, participating food service establishments commit that at least 75% of their annual crab usage will be from Maryland harvested or processed crabs. Also, such usage must be substantiated through the occasional submission of sales receipts and invoices to DNR upon request. For their commitment to the program, participating food service establishments will be given marketing and promotional materials to use in their businesses, on their menus, etc. showing their support of local watermen and the local communities.

Participants will also be featured on the newly designed website which will list all of the True Blue establishments, development of a mobile phone app is forthcoming and of course through social media. For more information or to become True Blue, please contact fisheries marketing staff at the Maryland Seafood Website.

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True Blue Application Website